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Project Procurement Manager
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Project Procurement Manager   项目采购经理


Bachelor’s degree in engineering or related discipline (Technical background is advantage). 工程或相关学科学士学位(技术背景优先)

Minimum five (10) years of working experience with Project Procurement Manager or Coordinator or similar positions for EPC Wellhead Platform construction in offshore upstream油气上游平台EPC建设中担任项目采购经理职位5年,或采办协调相关职位10年工作经验。

Has partly worked for a Project Management Team is advantage.项目组管理工作经验者优先。

Familiar with Oil & Gas procurement governance and process熟悉油气采购管理流程。

Good command of English (listening, reading, writing and speaking) 具备良好的英语听说读写能力。

Good problem solving and cost analysis skills具备良好的问题解决和成本分析技能。

Experience in SAP, Oracle or other material management program is advantage. 具备SAP、Oracle或其他物料管理程序经验者优先。

Good in multi discipline coordination and strong in negotiation skills擅长跨专业技术协调,并具有较强的谈判技巧。


Be a part of Project Management Team and responsible for overall Project Procurement/Sub-contracting Functions of Purchasing, Expediting, Logistics, Material Control which include but not limited to作为项目组的一员,负责整体项目采购/分包职能,包括但不限于采购、催交、物流、物料控制等方面的工作,具体职责包括:


 Planning, organizing, monitoring and controlling procurement/subcontract activities as per project objectives根据项目目标规划进行采购/分包活动的组织、监控和控制工作。


Managing cost, quality and delivery of procured items采购成本、质量和交付管理。


COR/Changes management. 变更管理。

Originate/set-up procurement workflow in order for implementing procurement operation system 通过设置采购流程以确保采购系统正常运行。


Establishing relevant procedures for procurement/ purchasing, expediting, shipping/forwarding, material control as well as project procurement execution plan. 制定采购、催交、运输、物料控制以及项目采购执行计划的相关程序。


Planning and staffing procurement team规划和组建采购团队。


Organizing control and report systems to monitor progress of all procurement activities to meet project objectives. 建立组织架构及汇报体系,监控所有采购活动的进展,以达成项目目标。


Lead the procurement function and supervise all aspects of purchasing, negotiating, strategy and process implementation for procurement of related goods and services from RFQ, PR, facilitation of Technical/ Commercial, PO to warehousing/material control in accordance with approved procedure and governance. 领导采购职能,监督采购的所有方面,包括采购、谈判、战略和流程实施,从询价、请购、技术/商务 facilitation、采购订单到仓储/物料控制,以符合已获批的流程和管理办法。

Review/verify vendor/subcontractor bid evaluation, PO/LOA before issue for approval by the Managements. 完成对供应商/分包商的投标评估文件、订单、授标通知等的审核验证工作。

Coordinate with the Engineering & QA/QC Team to ensure that necessary vendor documents related to procurement & subcontracting item production are approved prior to commencement of manufacturing. 与设计和质量团队配合,确保与采购和分包项目相关的必要供应商文件在开始制造之前获得批准。

Coordinate with other departments in solving of any issues affecting delivery & quality of materials / equipment. 与其他部门协调解决影响材料/设备交付和质量等问题。

Vendor pre-qualification assessment and vendor performance evaluation process供应商资格预审和供应商绩效评估。

Supports Tender and Proposal Department during project biddings which relate to procurement aspects as and when required. 根据需要,在项目投标过程中支持市场部招投标相关涉及采购方面的工作。

Assist and perform other functions and responsibilities as requested by Manager协助高级经理承担其他职能和责任。

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