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Material Inspector (Expat)

Job Description:

  • Carryout Material Receiving Inspection of all permanent Project Material by EPC Contractor.
  • Review and approval of Material Certificates, inspection reports.
  • Correlate certificates with material.
  • Review and verification of Manufacturer / Vendor documents as per Purchase Orders, Material Specifications as per relevant codes and project specifications.
  • Understanding the requirements of Vendor / Manufacturer’s Quality System requirements.
  • Review and approval of vendor /Manufacturers submitted Inspection and Test Plans and Procedures as per Project Specifications.
  • Coordinate with Discipline Inspectors for Inspection of specialised materials.
  • Raising Non-conformance reports and verifying Corrective & preventive actions on all project materials during receiving inspection.
  • Review and verify the OSD (Over, Shortage and Damage) report prepared by Vendor/Manufacturers.
  • Good understanding of Material control procedure and Material Preservation and storage procedures.
  • Familiar with SPIR Inspection and document requirements.
  • Familiar with International codes like ASME/ ANSI, API, AWS, BP, BS, ISO codes, ISO EN 1024 etc.
  • Client approval authority during material receiving inspection and final approval of Manufacturer’s / Vendor’s document dossiers. Ability to prepare concise weekly and monthly inspection reports.
  • Qualifications:
  • Degree in Mechanical or Metallurgical Engineering. PCN level II qualification or equivalent is desirable.
  • Minimum 10 years’ experience in the Oil and Gas or Petrochemical Industries, as an Inspector of which a minimum of 5 years must have been gained in an inspection role in material receiving inspections as per approved vendor/manufacturers Inspection & Test plan, Procedures, Project Specifications and interpreting various ASME/ANSI, API, AWS, BP, BS, ISO codes (ISO EN 10204) related to all disciplines.
  • Proven experience with EPC Contractors.
  • Fluency in English is a MUST.
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Material Inspector (Expat)
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