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Process Automation Network Cybersecurity Engineer
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We are seeking a Process Automation Network Cybersecurity Engineer to join Ju'aymah NGL

Fractionation Department within our Automation and Control Engineering Team.

Automation and Control Engineering Team is a multi-disciplinary organization with interface to

technical, business administration, and support requirements for our plant OT network.

Your primary role will be to handle plant cybersecurity engineering aspects. This will include providing

technical support for establishing and maintaining cybersecurity compliance and risk program. You will

also be responsible for providing to provide SME guidance and support for any cybersecurity controls, risk

remediation, compliance issues and cybersecurity technology deployments.

Key Responsibilities

As the successful candidate you will be required to perform the following:

Provide technical guidance, support, training, and expertise for OT cybersecurity compliance, controls,

and risks.

Conduct different cybersecurity compliance assessments, risk assessments, business impact analysis and

other cybersecurity reviews.

Analyze technical controls to ensure that specific security and compliance requirements are met through

the verification of documented processes, procedures and standards in order to validate maintenance of

secure configurations.

Serve as a subject matter expert for information security principles and practices, and promoting a

culture of security throughout the organization.

Provide support for threat intelligence and vulnerability management programs across the organization.

Conduct risk assessments to identify cybersecurity risks and provide recommendations for risk


Support incident response and reporting program by providing expert guidance in collaboration with

corporate teams.

Assist with the development of security policies and procedures for all different security domains.

Work closely with corporate experts for enhancing cybersecurity maturity of plants as per the defined


Provide SME support for critical cybersecurity related projects to ensure the implementation in

accordance with applicable standards.

Develop and manage key performance metrics to track and ensure compliance with established policies

and standards.

Participate in the development of security awareness programs for all relevant support teams.
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Process Automation Network Cybersecurity Engineer
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