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5823 Lead Specialist, Ecology – Senior Advisor, Ecology
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Dear All!

Airswift (Air Energi Caspian LLP) is currently looking for a Lead Specialist, Ecology - Senior Advisor, Ecology (for KZ passport holders) for one of our large project in Atyrau, 52. We are looking for candidates with the drive and commitment to make a genuine difference to our performance to ensure that the company continues to differentiate itself from competitors by delivering quality service to our client's requirements.

Job Description:
Plays a crucial role in ensuring compliance with environmental regulations, promoting sustainable practices, and developing strategies to minimize the environmental impact of our operations in collaboration with key operational stakeholders. This position provides technical expertise on complex environmental and regulatory issues for Operations and is responsible for engagement and advocacy with strategic regulatory authorities on various issues.

• Environmental Expertise: Monitor and assess compliance with RoK environmental regulations and environmental permits requirements. Identify opportunities and develop recommendations to reduce emissions (air, waste, wastewater, etc.) associated with Company activities (BB, FGP, Projects, etc.).
• Operations Excellence (OE): support with implementation of OE Environment Focus Area requirement and related procedures.
• Legislation and Regulatory Compliance: Support RoK legislation advocacy by developing credible solutions for cost favorable regulatory compliance and drive alignment with international standards.
• Stakeholder Engagement: Engage with internal stakeholders, Partners, regulatory authorities (AOED, CERC, MENR, MoE, etc.), industry associations, and local communities in Zhylyoi Region and Atyrau to foster positive relationships, promote Company environmental performance awareness, advocate Company positions and identify mutually acceptable solutions for environmental related issues.
• Environmental inspections: Facilitate inspections and audits by Regulatory authorities on compliance with environmental legislation. Act as focal point in process of incidents notification for environmental regulatory authorities.
• Court hearings support: Represent the company as a technical expert in the field of environmental regulation, in the court hearings of all instances.
• Environmental project management: Lead environmental projects and initiatives aimed to sustain and improve Company's environmental performance and maintain regulatory compliance.
• Environmental communication and External correspondence: analyze environmental performance metrics, identify trends and root causes, prepare recommendations on steps to address gaps, clearly communicate internally and externally. Prepare accurate and comprehensive responses for external requests.

Job Specification and requirements:
Education: bachelor's degree or higher in environmental engineering, chemical engineering, or a related engineering field, as well as environmental science and public policy.
Work Experience: professional work experience- not less than 5 years
Language Skills: Knowledge of Kazakh, Russian and English (both written and spoken at Intermediate level) is required.
• Experience / strong understanding of environmental management in the oil and gas industry.
• Knowledge of facility engineering and process engineering principles and practices specific to the oil and gas sector.
• In-depth understanding of environmental legislation and regulations applicable to the oil and gas industry in RoK.
• Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills, with the ability to interpret complex data and provide practical solutions.
• Effective communication and interpersonal skills to engage with diverse stakeholders, including technical teams, regulatory authorities, and local communities.
• Ability to work independently and lead teams to collaborate with other Departments to achieve common goals.
• Ability to manage projects, experience in Scrum or Agile methodologies and tools, including planning, execution, and reporting. Ability to collaborate with key stakeholders to set and understand priorities and expectations.
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5823 Lead Specialist, Ecology – Senior Advisor, Ecology
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